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Information concerning the planned trainings and courses in Russian and English can be found on the internet site: https://www.vdz-online.de/ru/training and https://www.vdz-online.de/en/training.

The „Vocational Training Course for Shift Foremen and Middle Management of the Cementindustry in Russian“ took place successfully for the third time

Concept: Training course was developed based on the training and education programme which has been provided for over 50 years by the VDZ. The concept was adapted to the requirements and specifics of CIS Countries. 

Objective: To extend the professional knowledge about production of cement

Language of the course: Russian

Venue: Training centre near Dusseldorf

The timing of the course is as follows:

Block 1:9.11.05 - 4.12.2015

Block 2: 28.03.2016 - 22.04.2016

During the course the participants intensify learning by using the VDZ online-platform.

After successful accomplishing of the training course the participants receive VDZ certificates.

For programme description and specific information about course content please go to "Training Courses" 

Conducted Seminars

On the 15th and 16th of June 2015, the planned VDZ seminar on "Latest Maintenance Approaches in Cement Plants" in Russian was conducted in Saint Petersburg. The seminar was held in cooperation with the partners OOO "Pruftechnik", Saint Petersburg, and Teutrine GmbH, Germany.

The following topics were on the agenda of the seminar:

Maintenance management systems

Preventive maintenance approaches

Visual inspection and condition monitoring

Alignment of the rotary kiln axis

Measurement of kiln shell deformation and kiln shell ovality

Vibration diagnostics and laser alignment

Non-destructive testing

All the participants showed a keen interest in seminar topics and the seminar received a very good feedback. After completion the participants were handed out VDZ Certificates. 

From 8 to 9 December 2015 in Kamyanetz-Podilsky, Ukraine, the Research Institute of VDZ successfully held a seminar in Russian on "Composite cements - the optimization of the properties and granulometric composition".

Suggested topics and the know-how, which is the result of a long scientific work of employees of the Research Institute of VDZ, stirred a high interest of the participants and led to lively and fruitful discussions during the workshop.

All the participants confirmed the relevance of this topic for the Ukraine and received VDZ certificates.


This research and development project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)